Double Chin Liposuction

It is a procedure to remove fat accumulated in the neck (double chin).


Double chin is not only seen in people with obesity. Thin people can also accumulate fat in this area of the neck.

By removing the double chin, the face will appear thinner and the jaw will be more defined. The surgery is performed through three small incisions of approximately 3mm, which are made in areas where they will not be seen. Through the incisions, a thin cannula is inserted through which the fat is sucked out.

Double chin Liposuction Candidates:

Women who are healthy, non-smokers, under 50 years of age, or with sufficient elasticity for skin to retract properly after surgery.

Women Non-candidates for this procedure:

Those who have flaccidity of the skin or an excessive amount of skin and fat in the neck.


Recovery time:

It is not a surgery that requires many days of rest. However, it is necessary to wear a special garment called a chin collar for at least 10 days.

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