Our Team


With a highly qualified, committed, and innovative team of Surgeons, Doctors, Anesthesiologists, and personnel carefully selected to provide you with the best service, ethics, professionalism, and quality to ensure optimal results for your procedure and the care of your health.

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Dr. Rafael Camberos
Dr. Rafael Camberos Solis

Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic & Reconstructive

Dr. Julio César Gutierrez Hernández

Medical-Surgical Coordinator

Dra. Wenddy Tobie Gutierrez


Lic. Andrea Lomeli Cruz

Surgical Nurse

Lic. Juan Carlos Morales Ibarra

Nurse and Dermatofunctional Therapist

Lic. Carla Tello De Meneses Salazar

Patient Coordinator

Lic. Lorena Ivonne Molina López

Receptionist and Patient Coordinator

Lic. Tania Jacqueline Martinez García

Social Media Manager and Patient Coordinator

Lic. Liliana Camberos Solis

General Administrator and Public Relations

Ing. Ana Laura Roldán Haro

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Lic. Teresita Nino Almendra

Accountant and Administrative Assistant