Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Today’s society wants to look younger all over the body, and the genital area is not an exception. Although beauty is a subjective concept and varies between different cultures, the majority of women who visit us due to aesthetic discomfort of their external genitalia, look for a subtle mons pubis, hidden labia minora, a clitoris not very visible, and filled, turgid and smooth labia majora and that approach the midline.

The main objective of the surgery is to achieve adequate harmony of these elements, which should be analyzed with the patient, discussing together the available medical-surgical options.


Surgical procedures currently performed in the female genital area include:

  • Reduction of labia minora (also known as Nymphoplasty or Labiaplasty)
  • Lip augmentation with the patient’s labia majora fat (Lipofilling)
  • Liposuction of the mons pubis
  • Lifting of mons pubis (Pexia of mons pubis)


Candidates for genital cosmetic surgery:

Healthy, non-smoking women who have cosmetic inconformity with their external genitalia.
Women who have the sensation of having oversized labia minora and that this causes problems in their daily lives, such as discomfort with some clothes or during physical exercise and/or problems in their sex lives (insecurity or discomfort during sex).
Women who have a very prominent mons pubis due to an excessive amount of fat in that are
Women who have flaccidity and sagging skin on the mons pubis that causes them discomfort.
Women with a sensation of empty labia majora or that have lost volume over the years.


Recovery time:

On average, there are 2 weeks of relative rest. I.e., there is no need for absolute bedrest but preferably staying at home, avoiding exertion and long walks. Patients with labia minora reduction should avoid sexual intercourse for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the characteristics of the patient and the surgery.

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